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About Moriships

Dear sir, With over 15years of experience in the maritime industry, we know exactly how the market operates. We pull out all the stops to deliver a full range of provisions,bonded stores,cabin stores and medical supplies to all your good vessels in our area. Capt. OMOLOYE saïd | HEAD OF DIVISION

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Pilot ladder



distress smoke

Lip seal

Cie record


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Why choose us?

Mori maritime SARL is a Catering, Chandler and Logistics Company, trying to spread globally with our world class service and availing best quality products from the market as per clients requirement. We work in various segments like, Oil(sludge and slop removal with certification) 25$/tonne & Gas industry, Mining and Construction…….. At present we are in India, Mozambique, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal. soon we will be in many other countries with our excellent service……. The following services make us different from other companies. 1. We are one phone call/email away and are available 24 X 7 at your service. 2. Our quotes /price list are without any hidden cost for e.g. transport, packing etc 3. In case of fresh fruits and vegetables spoiled/ damaged within 7days will be replaced or will not be charged on the invoiced raised with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 4. We source our products from the best suppliers in Europe which helps us to provide quality products at a competitive price to our clients compared to the local market 5. We provide strategic storage to our customers, further to add on if any stores, technical items or products which are not available in the country we can make it available through our suppliers in Dubai and the UK. EMAIL:ops@mori-maritime.fr